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If your elderly family member needs around-the-clock care, don’t let concerns about their health and safety keep you up at night any longer. At Premier Home Care, our 24-hour home care in Langhorne, PA can alleviate that stress with continuous, dependable support for your aging loved one in their own homes.

Our compassionate caregivers provide personalized care plans with 24-hour home care services, including help with activities of daily living, personal care, transportation assistance, and more. This ensures that every senior’s needs are addressed, whether it’s late at night or early in the morning.

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Why Families Trust Premier Home Care

At Premier Home Care, our mission is to offer exceptional and compassionate home care services that families in PA can trust. With our commitment to quality, reflected in our 5-star Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rating and status as a deficiency-free agency, we strive to set the standard for excellence in home care. 

Our approach to personalized 24-hour care benefits each senior, ensuring they receive support tailored to their specific needs while remaining in their own homes instead of moving to assisted living facilities or nursing homes.

Customized Care Plans

Every senior is unique, and so are their care needs. At Premier Home Care, our caregivers create personalized care plans to meet each individual’s specific requirements, ensuring they receive the care they need to live independently.

5-Star CMS Rating And Deficiency-Free Agency

Premier Home Care is proud to be recognized as a 5-star agency by Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and to maintain a deficiency-free status in our state survey for the sixth time. This achievement highlights our commitment to exceeding average quality standards and consistently complying with state and federal regulations, particularly in critical areas such as caregiving services.

Families choosing our home care agency can trust that their loved one are in capable and compassionate hands, receiving the best possible senior care available

Highly Trained & Compassionate Staff

Our team comprises highly trained and compassionate care professionals who are dedicated to making a positive difference in the life of your loved one. We look for individuals who have the prerequisite qualifications and demonstrate genuine compassion and empathy for seniors. Their expertise and empathy are what sets our home care agency apart.

Each member of our caregiving team undergoes a thorough screening process, including background checks, reference checks, and interviews, to ensure they meet our standards for professionalism. Once hired, our caregivers participate in training programs that cover various aspects of senior care, including communication techniques, safety protocols, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and specialized techniques for assisting individuals with mobility issues or chronic conditions.

This ongoing training ensures that our caregivers stay updated on the latest best practices and can provide the highest quality care to your loved one.

Registered Nurses Available 24/7

To ensure that all healthcare needs are met, Premier Home Care has registered nurses available 24/7. Whether you have a medical question or need immediate assistance, our nurses are just a call away. 

This continuous availability is part of our commitment to providing comprehensive support to our clients, regardless of the time or day.

Types of 24-Hour Home Care Services

At Premier Home Care, we provide 24-hour home care services that address personal care and transportation needs and offer assistance to those with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and arthritis. 

Our 24-hour caregivers are trained to offer personalized support and interventions that enhance comfort, maintain independence, and ensure safety in the familiarity of one’s own home. It’s important to note that 24-hour caregivers work rotating 12-hour shifts and do not reside in your loved one’s home.

Personal Care

Personal care services assist seniors with essential daily tasks that may have become challenging due to age or health conditions. Our trained caregivers help with dressing, grooming, meal preparation, light housekeeping, medication reminders, and more, ensuring that each client maintains independent living. 

Companion Care

Companion care focuses on emotional support and social interaction to help combat loneliness and keep seniors engaged. Our caregivers are dedicated to providing companionship through conversation, shared activities, and outings, such as grocery shopping and running errands.

Transportation Assistance

Transportation assistance is a critical component of our services. It enables clients to maintain their independence by providing safe and reliable transport to appointments, social outings, or shopping trips. Our caregivers ensure that clients can attend to their healthcare needs, participate in community activities, and manage personal affairs with ease. 

Transportation services are particularly beneficial for maintaining social connections and promoting a sense of freedom among older adults in Langhorne.

Alzheimer’s Assistance

Caring for individuals with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease requires specialized knowledge and a compassionate approach. Our 24-hour care team is trained to provide support and engage in activities that stimulate cognitive function and maintain a sense of familiarity and routine in their own homes. 

Our caregivers also provide assistance with personal care, medication reminders, fall prevention, supervision, and a safe environment to ensure the well-being and dignity of individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Care for Parkinson’s Patients

Individuals with Parkinson’s disease often face unique challenges that require specialized care. Our caregivers receive specific training in managing the symptoms and providing support for those living with Parkinson’s. 

We offer assistance with mobility and exercise routines, medication reminders, fall prevention, and emotional support to enhance comfort and maintain independence.

Arthritis Support

Arthritis can cause pain, stiffness, and limitations in mobility, making daily activities challenging. Our caregivers are experienced in supporting individuals with arthritis by offering help with joint-friendly exercises, medication reminders, pain management techniques, and modifications to the home environment to alleviate discomfort and improve quality of life.

24-Hour Home Care vs. Live-In Care

The decision between 24-hour home care and live-in care often hinges on the specific needs of the senior and their family. 24-hour home care is ideal for individuals who require frequent assistance throughout the day and night, such as those with complex medical conditions or mobility limitations (for example, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s). The rotating 12-hour shifts of 24-hour caregivers ensure continuous support and supervision, minimizing gaps in care and providing peace of mind to family members.

On the other hand, live-in care may be preferable for seniors who value consistency and companionship and do not require constant supervision or assistance during nighttime hours. It offers a stable and familiar presence in the home, promoting a sense of security and comfort for the client. It’s important to note you must be able to provide a private space for the caregiver to get eight hours of sleep.

Ultimately, the choice between 24-hour home care and live-in care depends on factors such as the level of care needed, the individual’s preferences for caregiver presence, and budget considerations.

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Choosing the right care for your loved one is crucial, and at Premier Home Care, we understand the importance of a detailed, personalized approach to senior care. Our around-the-clock support ensures safety and companionship for your loved one. It also offers peace of mind to families, knowing that high-quality care is always available. This continuous coverage is especially vital for those with medical needs that may arise unexpectedly at any hour.

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