Navigating the complexities of senior care can be confusing and stressful, especially for family members looking after an elderly loved one. Medical Social Workers make the process more manageable by acting as a liaison between the patient, medical professionals, family members, and community resources. At Premier Home Care, we have a dedicated medical social worker on staff ready to assist with your home health needs.  We provide home health care services throughout greater Philadelphia.

What do Medical Social Workers Do?

Recovering from an illness or injury often involves numerous moving parts.  If, for example, your elderly love one had recent hip surgery, they probably have weekly appointments with physicians, physical therapists, and mental health workers. They might have a caregiver coming to their home several times a week to assist with activities of daily living such as cleaning, cooking, and bathing. Community services such as Meals on Wheels or the Area Agency on Aging might also be entering the home to deliver meals.

As you can see, many components are working in conjunction, which can be difficult for family members who have full-time jobs and other responsibilities. In these situations, medical social workers are invaluable, acting as a vital component of the home health process. They work to keep the whole care process organized and on schedule by specializing in the following services:

  • Coordinating appointments with physicians, caregivers, and therapists.
  • Advocating with community resources.
  • Scheduling mental health counseling and crisis intervention.
  • Keeping family members informed.
  • Long-term planning and resources.


Medical Social Worker graphic with patient care and family coordination signs

Coordinating with Family Members

There are usually multiple family members involved in caring for an elderly loved one.  Each family member must stay up to date on the care and rehabilitation process at all times to avoid duplication of efforts and extra stressors.  Additionally, family members often require their own coping skills since this can be a very worrying time.  Our medical social workers assist in keeping family members up to date.  We also help family members schedule their own mental health resources to avoid caregiver burnout.

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