Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to any question you may have, please do not hesitate…
The purpose of Premier Home Care is to help you and your family through your recovery from an illness or injury to your highest level. We focus on providing treatments and teaching in order to help you reach your individual health goals.
Skilled home care services include the following: Registered Nurses, Certified Wound Specialist, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Medical Social Works, and Certified Home Health Aides. In order to qualify for skilled home care, you must have a diagnosis and/or treatment that require the expertise of a nurse or rehabilitation therapist.
To qualify for home care, you must have a need for skilled nursing and/or rehabilitative services and have a diagnosis and/or treatment plan that requires the expertise of a nurse or a rehabilitation therapist. Medicare requires that patients receiving Home Health services are homebound. You may leave your home for activities such as going to doctor’s appointments, attending church or getting your hair done and still be considered homebound.
Skilled Home Care Services are covered by your health insurance.  Each insurance and coverage is different.  Eligibility is discussed prior to services being rendered.
Home Care referrals must be made by your physician. Since we provide skilled service in the home we are required to work under the direction of a doctor. If you believe that you or a loved one qualifies for home care, you can contact us and we will contact your physician for his approval.
No, your doctor may refer you directly to Premier Home Care. You must, however, meet the qualifications for home care.
Home care will make contact with you and/or your family on the day of your discharge. Our standard is to make the initial visit to your home within 24 hours of the referral unless you or your doctor request a different time.
Yes, we can begin visiting you on the same day as your procedure provided that we are contacted in advance by you or your physician.
Premier Home Care provides Home Health Aide services while you have the need for skilled services. Once you no longer qualify for skilled Home Care services, bathing assistance is no longer covered. At that time, you may need to hire a private caregiver. Premier Home Care offers Medical Social Work services to assist you in determining your needs and can refer you to the appropriate services.
All of our clinicians set their own daily schedule and changes may occur based on many factors. We will do our best to accommodate your requests and schedules. The clinician will call you the day before they are coming in order to set up the time with you.
We strive for continuity of care and do our very best to assign the same clinician throughout the course of your rehabilitation whenever possible.  All of our staff are licensed.