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Do you know you need help with your aging loved one but aren’t sure who you can trust to provide the type of home care you would yourself? Finding dedicated and compassionate caregivers in Newtown Square, PA, is essential when you want the best for your loved ones, and Premier Home Care stands as the trusted choice for families in Delaware County. 

Our expert staff provides unparalleled senior care in Newtown Square, from personal care services like light housework to companion care, including sharing meals and even specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care services. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and the well-being of your seniors has solidified our reputation as the premier caregiver agency in the region.

Contact us today to join the ranks of satisfied families in Newtown Square and across Pennsylvania who have experienced the peace of mind that comes with entrusting the care of their seniors to Premier Home Care’s caregivers.

Why You Can Trust Premier Home Care
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Why Families In Newtown Square Trust Premier Home Care

When you opt for Premier Home Care in Newtown Square, PA, you’re choosing to place your loved one’s well-being at the forefront. As a certified home care agency, we are dedicated to providing exceptional caregiving services tailored to meet the unique needs of seniors. Our commitment goes beyond the basics, emphasizing kindness and empathy as the cornerstones of our elderly care.

This personalized approach ensures that you can rely on us for unwavering, top-quality senior care, no matter the time of day. Our prestigious 5-star CMS rating and our recognition as a deficiency-free agency in Pennsylvania further solidify our commitment to excellence. When it comes to finding compassionate and reliable caregiving services in Newtown Square, Premier Home Care stands as your trusted partner, devoted to enhancing the well-being and comfort of both older adults and their families.

Care Plans Crafted With Your Senior In Mind

We recognize that seniors have unique needs and preferences that are solely their own. That’s why our caregivers take the time to consult with you in crafting personalized care plans that cater specifically to your loved one’s requirements, as well as their favorite hobbies and creature habits.

At Premier Home Care, our approach is entirely personalized to ensure that your senior receives home care that’s attentive and respectful of their independence and dignity, all within the comfort of their own home.

We’re A CMS 5-Star Rated and Deficiency-Free Agency

Our commitment to excellence as a home care agency is evident in our CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) 5-star rating from the CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) and deficiency-free status from the Department of Health. This means that Premier Home Care consistently surpasses industry standards, providing you with the peace of mind that your elderly loved one is receiving top-quality care. 

We have successfully passed all state inspections and evaluations in Pennsylvania, meeting every regulatory standard without exception. Our meticulous attention to detail, whether in scheduling appointments, identifying safety protocols, or our clients’ overall well-being and happiness, sets us apart as a caregiver agency you can trust.

Home Care Services Offered to Newtown Square Seniors

When you’re selecting a qualified caregiver in Newtown Square, PA, for your beloved senior family member, it’s more than just addressing their fundamental needs; it’s about building a strong support system that enhances their well-being during their golden years. Premier Home Care presents a comprehensive array of senior services meticulously tailored to our clients’ precise wants and needs. We even go beyond the fundamentals of personal care and companionship, offering specialized support, including Alzheimer’s and dementia care.

Our all-encompassing approach to senior home care touches nearly every aspect of daily life, enabling us to establish a sense of normalcy and routine for your loved ones within the comfort of their own home. Below, you’ll discover a selection of the highly sought-after senior care services we provide in the Newtown Square, PA community:

Personal Care

Premier Home Care’s dedicated caregivers provide comprehensive personal care services that prioritize the comfort and well-being of your senior loved one. Our compassionate team assists with bathing, dressing, grooming routines, meal preparation, and light housekeeping, ensuring that your loved one’s daily activities are approached with professionalism and sensitivity.

We recognize the importance of maintaining dignity and independence, and our senior caregivers are committed to supporting your loved one in achieving just that through our personal care services.

Companion Care

If your aging family member has difficulty with feelings of loneliness and isolation, our companion care services offer a valuable solution to seniors in Newtown Square. We go above and beyond to provide genuine companionship and emotional support, fostering a sense of connection and engagement in the comfort of your loved one’s own home.

Our caregivers become trusted companions and confidants, engaging in meaningful conversations, playing games, or simply brightening your aging loved one’s day. With Premier Home Care’s companion care, your senior will experience an improved quality of life through genuine social interaction in a comfortable and inviting environment.

Transportation Assistance

Getting around the Greater Philadelphia region isn’t easy, and we understand that maintaining mobility is paramount for seniors. Premier Home Care is dedicated to ensuring that your aging loved one can access medical appointments, social outings, and more with our safety-first caregivers at the helm.

Our transportation assistance services provide safe and reliable support, alleviating the burden on family members while enhancing your senior’s independence. Whether it’s a vital doctor’s appointment or a leisurely visit to a friend, our caregivers prioritize care and safety, ensuring that your senior arrives at their destination comfortably and securely.

Respite Care

The immense demands placed on family caregivers can be difficult to shoulder. Premier Home Care offers respite care services to give you the essential time to recharge and attend to your own well-being. Our caregivers step in to ensure that your senior’s needs are met, delivering the same level of care and attention you provide.

Whether you require only a few hours away or several days for vacation, you can rely on our professional team of senior caregivers to offer exceptional care. This allows you to return to your caregiving role refreshed and revitalized, knowing that your loved one is in capable hands.

Alzheimer's & Dementia Care

Caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s and dementia requires both specialized expertise and a loving approach. Our local caregivers in Newtown Square are extensively trained to handle all facets of Alzheimer’s and dementia care, including symptom management and improving behavioral function, as well as provide assistance with light housekeeping and running errands.

We excel at creating a safe and familiar environment tailored to the unique needs of individuals with memory challenges and advanced dementia. Our caregivers provide personalized support, helping seniors maintain cognitive abilities, engage in meaningful activities, and enjoy a higher quality of life while remaining in the familiar comfort of their own homes.

24-Hour Care

For seniors requiring continuous assistance and supervision, Premier Home Care is dedicated to meeting that need. Our 24-hour home care services ensure your aging loved one receives around-the-clock support and companionship. Our caregivers are available day and night, providing assistance with daily tasks like sharing a meal, medication reminders during the early morning hours, and unwavering emotional support.

With our 24-hour care, you can have peace of mind, knowing that your senior is safe and well-cared for at all times. This allows them to age in place with dignity and comfort, maintaining the highest quality of life possible, no matter what hour. 

We are Proud to Serve Philadelphia, Including the Following Areas:

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If your family is seeking ways to enhance your loved one’s quality of life in Newtown Square, Premier Home Care invites you to connect with us today. Arrange a complimentary home care assessment with the perfect caregiver and allow us to demonstrate how our caring and professional support can positively impact your senior’s life.

When it comes to dependable and compassionate senior care in Newtown Square, PA, Premier Home Care stands as your trusted ally. Our caregivers are committed to elevating the well-being of seniors and their families alike. 

Contact us at Premier Home Care today and experience the exceptional difference our caregivers bring to senior home care.

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